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We are now living in the Age of Water. Water is the new “gold”, with individuals, corporations and countries positioning themselves around this precious resource. Many already struggle with scarcity and pollution. All too soon, water—its quality, its possession, its distribution—will define a person’s security, comfort, wealth, and even identity. Water is changing everything.

Water is driving the turbulent change of our precious Earth. Unaware of how much our planet is changing and what it means, the majority of our planet’s 7.5 billion humans who live in water-rich areas go on with their daily lives as they have for generations—driving gas-fueled cars, using single-use plastics, and wasting water. Of those of us who are aware, many don’t know—or think—we can make a difference. We’ve become disheartened. We feel ecological grief or solastalgia, the sadness for loss of our habitat and “home.” As individuals, we struggle with unclear directions on what and how to recycle. We have limited access to sustainable alternatives to using fossil fuel. Some of us place the blame squarely on the mega-corporations driven by profit and feckless governments with weak political will and leadership.

The Age of Water Podcast is devoted to informing and entertaining you with topics about water and the environment. Writer/limnologist Nina Munteanu and writer/technologist Claudiu Murgan interview scientists, journalists, writers, academia and innovators who share their knowledge and opinions about the real state of the environment and what committed individuals and groups are doing to make a difference. We talk about the problems and we talk about the solutions.

The format of our podcast is a combination of chat cast and informal interview. We cover anything of interest from breaking environmental news to evergreen material. This also includes human interest stories, readings of eco-literature, discussion of film and other media productions of interest.

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