Emmi Itaranta – March 2020

We join award-winning Finnish author Emmi Itäranta in UK, where she talks about her eco-fiction including The Memory of Water and her own activism.

Kaz Lefave – Feb 2020

We join Canadian science fiction/fantasy author Kaz LeFave in Toronto, Ontario, where she talks about water and writing about it, the current oceanic dead zones that inspired the premise behind her Nemecene series, the role of literature in raising environmental awareness, and her environmental work with Tides Canada.

Candas Dorsey – Jan 2020

We join award-winning Canadian author Candas Jane Dorsey in Calgary, Alberta, where she talks about her stories, teaching at university, what eco-fiction means, and how writers can be “sneaky.”

David Zetland – Nov 2019

We join economist, educator and author David Zetland in Amsterdam, Holland, where he discusses his book Living with Scarcity and the political and social aspects of water as resource from bottled water and commodification to social challenges and human right to water.

Rainey Marie Highley – Dec 2019

We join award-winning metaphysical author Rainey Marie Highley in Arizona, where we talked about her book The Water Code, her incredible journey with water, its role in our evolution and how our perception and relationship with water may help.

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