Merilyn Ruth Liddell – January 2021

We join Canadian author Merilyn Ruth Liddel in Calgary, Alberta, where she talks about her latest speculative book Tomorrow, her love for trees and her eco-activism in her community of Crows Nest Pass.

Lucia Gorea – December 2020

We join Canadian poet and writer, Lucia Gorea, from Vancouver, British Columbia, to talk about her latest book, ‘Yukon, the Polar Bear,’ and how she manages to write in so many literary genres.

Mark Robinson – November 2020

We join Canadian television meteorologist and storm chaser Mark Robinson to discuss about weather and climate change, and how they influence our day-to-day life.

Colleen Winter – October 2020

We join author and electrical engineer Colleen Winter in Barrie, Ontario, where she talks about her near-future thriller series The Gatherer, how she gets her ideas, and left/right brain thinking.

Ira Sutherland – September 2020

We join old-growth forest lover and adventurer Ira Sutherland in Vancouver, where he talks about his research on historical dynamics of forested landscapes across BC and the unprecedented natural disturbances the world is facing today.

Martin Bush – August 2020

We join author and climate change action advocate Martin Bush in Toronto, where he talks about his latest book Climate Change and Renewable Energy and some realistic steps people can take to help make a difference.

Carly Nuday – July 2020

We join author and water researcher Carly Nuday in California, where she talks about her book “Water Codes”, water’s anomalous properties, what structured water is, and her own work in community lake and pond restoration.

Ian Prattis – June 2020

We join professor emeritus and author Ian Prattis in Ottawa, where he talks about his books Our World is Burning and Painting With Words, mindful engagement, the nature of our species, and our fragile future on this planet.

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